About our producers

All our Animal Products Are:

-Ethically Raised-

-Hormone Free-

-No Animal By-products-

Farmcrest Foods, Salmon Arm BC.

Farmcrest Foods is a small, but integrated, family-run business that raises specialty birds near Salmon Arm. The Bell and Bird families are hard-working, third-generation farmers from Ireland who favour quality over quantity and strive to be environmental stewards of the land. Chicks are hatched each week and raised in nearby barns where they are free to run. There, they are fed healthy grains, many of which are grown without artificial fertilizers on the 300-acre farm and all of which are mixed at the feed mill on site. Once grown, the birds end their journey at a family-operated plant.

Rossdown Farms: Fraser Valley BC.

Rossdown Farms is a family-run farm that raises turkeys and chickens in the Fraser Valley. This five-generation farming family does everything from producing eggs and hatching chicks to providing feed and processing poultry, so they can ensure top standards at every stage. Their flocks are raised in barns, where they are protected from disease and free to run, safe from migratory birds and predators. Microbials are used in limited volumes at key points in the flock’s lifecycle and removed 10 days before slaughter to eliminate any residue in the meat.

Golden Valley Eggs: Fraser Valley, BC.

Golden Valley Eggs come from free range hens. Our free-roaming hens have access to outside pasture, feed on the natural ground cover, and are fed a premium, all-vegetarian diet that’s high in protein.